Tourists Discovers Red Raw Marks After ‘Red Dragon Massage’

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After their six-day long adventure around Bali two Australian tourists decided a massage would be just what the doctor ordered to help those achey muscles -but the couple got more than the rest and relaxation they hoped for.

Candise Raison and her husband Matthew, from Paringa in South Australia, decided to order masseur to come out to them as after six days adventuring they were far too tired to head out for one.

Candise went first and enjoyed her massage however, when it was her husband’s turn, she told the Daily MailMail the masseur asked if he wanted to ‘get the red dragon out of him’.

She explained they thought it may have been a prayer of some kind and said: “I don’t know what you’re saying but my husband will try anything, go for it!”

It was said the masseur then started ‘carving’ into Matthews skin saying that by tomorrow it will be a ‘red dragon’.

It was certainly something by the next day as Matthew was left with huge red welts up and down his back.