What these stars from My 600-lbs Life look like today

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Before we get started, it is a very good idea to start by explaining what My 600-lb Life and what this interesting TV show is about in order to better understand what this article is about. It is possible to define My 600-lb Life as a reality show series that has been created by the TLC network some years ago with the main goal of helping morbidly obese people. They will be required to lose weight during every episode of this TV show in order to improve their health considerably.

All participants are always under the care of surgeon Younan Nowzaradan, who is also known as Dr. Now by all his patients. At the beginning, his patients have to lose weight by following strict diets during all the process. It is important to mention that Dr. Now is required to check patients´ progress in order to determine which of them are ready for the gastric bypass surgery or sleeve gastrectomy in order to help them to conclude the process in the best possible way.

At the beginning, My 600-lb Life had just five parts, but this changed with the passing of time. For those who have seen the TV show, it is possible to remember that it was aimed to help at least four morbidity obese over patients to lose weight. Due to its incredible popularity, some new episodes were included. In this sense, we can mention the case of Where are they now? Episode in which it is possible to verify how previous participants are at present.

In case some of our readers have no idea about this TV show because they have never seen it, there are some interesting things they should know about it. For instance, we think it is an excellent idea to check how some of the most important patients look like today in order to verify if this TV show was useful for them. Now, we are going to know how some of stars from My 600-lb Life look like today.