Secret nicknames royals have behind closed doors

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This nickname is cuter than it sounds

You possibly remember a movie that is known as The Queen and was released in 2006. Well, in that movie, it is possible to see that Prince Philip calls Elizabeth cabbage. Even if this is a fictional story, it is known that the real Prince Philip used to say that his wife was a leafy green plant sometimes.

The Queen´s screenwriter, Peter Morgan, revealed that he was told that Philip sometimes called her cabbage. He knows this because conducted extensive research about this particular issue by talking to some royal circles.

According to the information given by Robert Lacey, a British historian, has confirmed that the Prince constantly used this strange nickname to refer to her wife, but there is not a particular reason why he did that. There are some versions that affirm that cabbage is a derivative of the French term mon petit chou, which can be translated as my little cabbage. Now, it is impossible to see the cruciferous vegetable as an offensive nickname.

How Meghan calls Prince Harry

After attending a performance of the musical Hamilton for the Sentebale foundation, which is a charity that is aimed to help African people that were affected by HIV.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle look incredibly happy, even if they have a lot of responsibilities to take care of because of their titles. In fact, a reported has said that prince Harry thank audience and sung a couple bars on stage.

In a video from this occasion you can see how the Duchess of Sussex lets her guard down while her and her husband are posing for a picture.  There was a moment in which she was in front of the prince and she said can you see, my love? which was immediately followed by a long aww from those who were in the room.

This moment was so cute that Meghan became aware and said Oh!, which make the audience laugh. It is impossible to deny that this is possibly the cutest couple we have ever seen in the royal family.