Secret nicknames royals have behind closed doors

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There is a large number of things your definitely do not know about the British Monarchy, especially if you do not come from the United Kingdom. The names and protocols used are something very mysterious for people who do not belong to the royal family, but all this situation has radically changed over the years.

If you wonder how you have to address the Queen in case you come into direct contact with her, you have the possibility of saying Hey, Liz and that all. However, many people use traditional forms.

Family members are not required to address the Queen in a very particular way because this has changed a lot. In fact, it is well known that Prince William constantly tells her What´s up Bill?, which means that some protocols have been simplified over time.

In this sense, it is important to mention that the Queen is the same person long ago because things have changed a lot. However, we have to say that secret nicknames have behind closed doors for a long time, but they have finally been revealed.

How people are supposed to behave with royal family members

According to the information provided by a website related to this issue, men are required to take a bow in front of the Queen, but women just need to curtsy in most cases.

It is also possible to accept simple handshakes because they are now considered appropriate. In the case of traditional royal titles, it is very common to hear On presentation of the Queen as the website reveals, but the correct form of address is always Your Majesty. After that, it is possible to call her Ma´am.

In case you are required to address another woman linked to the royal family, it is possible to call her Your Royal Highness, and them Ma´am. If you are going to address a man linked to the royal female, you also have to call him Your Royal Highness, but you can also use the tittle Sir after the first interaction. All these tittles work for all of us because we do not belong to the royalty, but these people address one another by using different options.

In they are in public, they are possibly required to use the traditional forms for obvious reasons. However, what they address each other in private is absolutely different. In this sense, they commonly use some nicknames when they are alone.

The sweet story behind a nice nickname

This situation is not just typical for the current times. For instance, it is very important to mention that King George VI, Queen Elizabeth´s father, said that Lilibet was my pride, Margaret is my joy. Her father was not the only one who used to call her Lilibet because her mother and grandparents also did that. This was because the little princess had problems pronouncing her own name, which was something funny for her family members.

Even if the nickname Lilibet sound cute, there is another story behind this. Fr instance, it was normally used in a phrase in which it could sound embarrassing for the little princess at that time. According to the information given by some sources, Margaret was the favorite daughter of their father and this was why he said she was his joy, but Queen Elizabeth said that he did not have a favorite and did so equally. This was revealed by The Crown TV show created by Netflix.

Regarding this very particular issue, Express has revealed that the phrase was not related to the love he felt for his two daughters. It possibly referred to the personalities and positions. We have to remember that Elizabeth was his pride because she was to become Queen from one moment to another because she was the eldest sister. In addition to this, she was more serious than her little sister, who was more extroverted. This is the reason why he said that Margaret was his joy.