Celebrities who changed their looks by changing their eyebrows

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Having good eyebrows is important to many women, but eyebrows in general — whether shaped or not — are actually a quite practical addition to your face. Eyebrows serve two main purposes, according to experts. One is to help keep things out of your eyes — from sweat to rain to foreign matter, your eyebrows act as a buffer to protect your eyes. They also help filter light, which also serves as eye protection.

Eyebrows also play a significant role in communication. We all recognize a furrowed brow to indicate displeasure or raised brows to signify surprise. But, beyond just helping us demonstrate and understand emotion, eyebrows are useful for facial recognition. A scientific study performed in 2003 found a “very large and significant disruption in recognition performance” when participants were shown photos of familiar faces, but altered to remove their eyebrows. Brows can literally change how we see people.

It’s no wonder, then, that celebrities who have changed their eyebrows have also dramatically transformed their entire look. Here are some of the most noteworthy transformations to date.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has been acting since she was just a little kid, so fans have gotten a peek at her many transformations over the years. Nevertheless, her eyebrows may have had the most impact. When Barrymore attended the Los Angeles premiere of Reservoir Dogs in 1992, her previously full brows took a turn to follow the trend of the decade, which was to be seriously tiny. By the time Tom Boy premiered in 1995, the actress’ brows were pencil-thin.

Just as Barrymore’s rebellious years are long behind her, her itty-bitty brows are also a thing of the past. Although she hasn’t embraced the super thick brow look that’s on trend these days, she has taken to a much more natural and neutral appearance — both in how she shapes her brows and applies her makeup. Barrymore’s style has also evolved since the aughts, making for a very well-rounded and incredible transformation.