14+ people who went for it and did the thing

Viral 196 Visitas

At the end of the day, people either end up either being the person who did the thing, or they don’t. There’s not much else that separates us.

Or maybe there is, but I’m trying to set up a very basic premise so this article, so I’ll welcome you to ignore any kind of nuance or alternative thought processes. Mmmkay?


1. I’ve heard of crop tops before, but this goes far beyond anything I’ve seen.

But I kind of get it. I mean, sometimes there’s nothing like wearing a slightly seasonally inappropriate hoodie, just because of the comfort of the sweater. I’m a huge proponent of the sweatshirt and shorts aesthetic.

2. Something big changed in our culture when those animal masks got really popular. I’m not saying it was a good change, but it sure was a change.

Or maybe we’re just getting ready for a live-action version of BoJack Horseman. Who knows for sure?