13+ unfortunate pics that are fortunately funny

Viral 45 Visitas

We’re bound to mess things up from time to tomb…uh, time. But if you can look back at whatever happened and actually laugh, it’s never really that bad, right?

Well, today we’ve gathered up a few unfortunate circumstances that are worth looking back at with a laugh.

1. Coming face to face with finances.

Well, at least there’s absolutely no mistaking which one is his. I just hope he doesn’t have a wallet that has half of your cards peeking out — that would just be shocking to see each time.

2. “Lioness steals a photographer’s camera, gives it to her cubs as a new toy”

It’s in good hands now…well, paws, but still. At least the photographer got pics of this going down — it’d be wayyy worse if that was their only camera!