12+ Pictures in need of more than a gander

Viral 71 Visitas

I do a lot of scrolling on the internet. I don’t know how I could possibly measure the distance in which I scrolled, but if I could I bet you’d be impressed.

And very few things slow my scrolling patterns, even fewer stop me altogether. But these photos — and any photos that need a second glance — throw off my day, you know?

1. Separate and together, these pictures raise a lot of questions for me.

I am pretty sure, if not certain, that this snail is magic. I have never seen a snail hang upside down from water but also, if they can attach to water why don’t we ever see them sailing in puddles?

2. An inside look at a tree with some sort of disease.

It makes perfect sense that trees can get diseases, but I had no idea that it would look this cool. Now I have the urge to see what the rest of the tree looks like.